Curative mud

mudThe therapeutic values of mud and clay have been known for many centuries, the Chinese used mud baths for healing inflammations and other Indian and South American cultures found it to relieve rheumatic diseases. Cultures as far back as the second century had used mud and clay remedies to heal the body thanks to the calcium, magnesium, silica, iron and potassium in the mud. Due to the particular climatic conditions, the many hours of sunshine and the high salinity of the waters within the salt flats of the Mar Menor, this area has become a real player in the health world because of the healing properties attributed to the sludge through its sand and very fine silt and clay The mud from the Mar Menor: The particular climatic conditions with many hours of sunshine and warm waters with high salinity have created around the north end of the lake many areas where centuries of mineral of deposits have created a slugde which has become famous for its therapeutic values.

The latest analysis by the University of Murcia (1995 study) found that these sediments contain a high percentage of calcium, magnesium, potassium, fluorine, chlorine and sulphates much higher than would normally be expected in waters of this salinity. Moreover, the particle size of the silt and sludge in this area is very fine which increases the absorbtion and therefore the healing properties attributed to the sludge. The pH is between 7.12 and 8.45 and its use is highly recommended for many types of skin conditions such as abscesses, ulcers, boils, sores, acne and boils. A layer of mud applied to the skin absorbs all the toxins of the peripheral system tissue and eliminates toxic nodes in the dermis, acting as a skin blotter. The high power of mud is also appropriate as an anti-inflammatory in cases of rheumatism, arthritis, gout and for rehabilitation after a bone fracture. To bathe in the Mar Menor is also to immerse yourself in many health-giving minerals for arthritis, re-habilitation or psoriasis.

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