Why La Manga?

We chose to buy our bolt-hole from an enormous choice of places and countries. We fell in love with the warm,calm, mineral-rich waters of the Mar Menor, with the added bonus of the Mediterranean and its waves, so close by. In summer there are lovely cooling breezes from the sea, and from the apartments you can see both seas. The terrace of the flats leads right onto the beach, about 50 metres away, and there are wheelchair-friendly ramps both to the apartments, and straight onto the beach. We wanted somewhere that would appeal no matter what the age of our guests, or their holiday preferences. Judging by the repeat bookings, it seems we got it right! We wanted somewhere that was a special bolt-hole for us, that was easy and inexpensive to get to, and so we wanted to make it supremely comfortable but stylish too. And romantic. (That bit was important!).

Mar Menor translates as Minor Sea, and is in fact a giant lagoon fed by the Mediterranean about 15 miles across, created by the La Manga Strip, a sand bar about 23km long that stretches out and curves around to create the bay. It has shops, restaurants, bars, houses, hotels and nightlife, and 43km of beaches. On one side of the road is the Mar Menor. Cross over the road, and on the other side is the Mediterranean Sea. It is very pleasant to take the ferry from the Marina across to the mainland, a reasonably-priced hour trip. We chose apartments bathed by the sun in the morning till lunchtime, overlooking the salt flats and the Calblanque hills, as well as the seas, the beaches and La Manga. At night, sitting out on the balcony the lights of the strip sparkle along the waters edge like diamonds, its very romantic! Just a short stroll from some cafes, a couple of superb restaurants, a friendly supermarket run by Lolli and Jose, and beach cafes. Plenty of shops 5 minutes by car.

Its a wonderfully safe place for children,with no busy roads to cross, and the Mar Menor is shallow for quite a long way out......... and because at its deepest its only 6 metres, it creates a warm sheltered environment that is a perfect breeding-ground for the bountiful shellfish. This contributes to the high mineral salts that make this sea so buoyant and healing. Mud from the Mar Menor is wonderful for the skin, aching joints and bones, gout and post-operative healing. Just apply it and let it dry in the sun. The enclosed Mar Menor can't be bettered for all water sports, and the surrounding area provides miles upon miles of easy cycling and walking. Close by are interesting villages, the elegant town of Cartagena, and the university city of Murcia. Inland can be found nature reserves, ancient towns and villages, many golf resorts, and the pilgrimage holy town of Caravacca de la Cruz.

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